What does it look like to look more like Jesus?

The last several weeks God has shown me His grace. Grace does the opposite of scolding or reprimanding—it draws me into His love instead of driving me away from it. In my ugliest moments, I’ve found that it is then that God lavishes His unchanging grace over my heart. Grace that engulfs us like the ocean. It just so happens that this very thing has happened several times in the last few months.

Lately, I have found myself desperate before the feet of Jesus unwillingly. I am only brought here by circumstance or mishap and it is with clenched fists that I see myself finally fall and end up humbled before Him once again.

I’ve been thinking, what if my fists weren’t clenched? What if I willingly went and laid myself before His throne every chance I got? What if I chose humiliation and being wrong if it meant I could be at my King’s feet? What if my circumstances or relationships never once changed the renewing of my mind and heart?

Oh, how much simpler things would be. Life, relationships, circumstances —-all but a mist. With every new fall, I find myself to look less like me and more like Him. I find myself receiving grace and then extending it to others. I find myself thinking about and serving others more than myself. This is our goal as Christ followers, right? To be His hands and feet and face for those who don’t know Him. To love others when they aren’t easily lovable and to see beauty in their ugliness; the way Christ sees us.

Haley Tew, GEM Missionary