Multan, Pakistan

GEM is thrilled to announce our newest project in Pakistan. GEM has partnered with local Christian leaders in Multan, Pakistan to aid and support students at the Hali Public School (HPS). HPS is a local, private, Christian school in a Muslim-dominated country where the gospel is in dire need.

GEM has committed to supporting 30 orphans and underprivileged students at HPS, for one year, who are not able to pay for their education and their supplies. Many of these students are overlooked by the government and have no opportunity to get an education. We believe they deserve a quality education and we believe in the amazing power of the gospel to save. God has opened the doors and we are stepping in to help make a way for these children.

We believe that the gospel is in desperate need in this area, and we cannot wait to see what the Lord will do through GEM’s efforts in Pakistan!

“His authority on earth allows us to dare to go to all the nations. His authority in heaven gives us our only hope of success. And His presence with us leaves us no other choice.”

John Stott