Slowing Down

Im reading a book right now called The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. It’s been so challenging and convicting and a message so relevant to our culture today.

Before I read it, I figured it would just be an easy read considering I live in a small mountain town where no one is in a hurry. Man was I wrong. Through technology and the culture I was raised in, a lifestyle of hurry comes so naturally. From the moment I wake up in the morning there are temptations lurking everywhere causing me to not be able to focus on what my heart truly needs and deeply desires.

Sometimes I struggle to connect with God and my prayer is normally, “Lord, please give me more of a desire for you.”

But when I truly think about it, I do desire Him so much. Yes of course there are parts of me that desire other things but I generally want more of Jesus. So as I’ve pondered and been challenged by this book, I’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t necessarily a lack of desire, it is my inability to truly sit and be quiet with Jesus.

And that is the place where you grow.

Spiritual disciplines are the key to growth but nothing in our culture today encourages them.

I get up to read and pray each morning but how much of that time is my mind filled with thinking of what I need/want to get done or just mindlessly checking my phone.

Im so thankful for the grace God has for us and how when we realize where we are at fault, He meets us right where we’re at and helps us!  Since reading this book, I’ve really been challenged to push against the culture of hurry. And the result of that is that I’ve really been enjoying my intimacy with Jesus. Rules can seem legalistic but they’re actually a good thing. Making a rule to not look at my phone is really helpful. I can actually meditate, slow down, and let God’s word enter my heart when I make that boundary with technology.

I believe our purpose in life is to grow in Christ and to connect with others. If I’m not being intentional to slow down, to be quiet before Jesus, to really talk to Him,  and to remove distraction, I will not be able to carry out these purposes. I must make an effort to fight against the impulses I have to turn to the next thing when the thing in front of me is what I really need to dwell on.

If you don’t have a desire to grow in Christ, pray for it. God will give it to you! If you find yourself in a similar place as me, a desire to grow but feeling you can’t, do all that you can to remove distraction. Get into a place where your heartbeat can slow down to the pace of Jesus’ because it is there where we can recall our identity, have our life directed, and walk in peace and slowness with our Savior, our truest friend.

-Annie Balsley, GEM Missionary

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