Running Free

One of my biggest struggles has always been finding myself stuck in a routine. To a certain degree, life will always have a bit of a routine. I always teach Math first, Science is always filled with sweaty faces after recess, and Itzel never fails to bring me an apple on Tuesdays. And I love knowing these things. I love feeling confident in what will happen, in how (usually) my plans for the day are always carried through.

Then sometimes a feeling of restlessness takes over my heart. A yearning for new. For experiences and places that I have never known. This feeling could be simply a human desire, growing bored or unsatisfied so quickly with the gifts God has given us in the here and now.

Or maybe these new experiences and places are not so far from the here and now as I had thought.

This morning I awoke with the sun on a gift of a Friday with no school. I instantly felt that dread of a routine day. Knowing that I would start with a run, I laced up my shoes and set off. At the bottom of our hill, where I always turn right and head to the beach, I ran into a fellow teacher and his growing band of bike riders. He told me they were going on a road that seemed to have no end, a road that eventually ran parallel with the river, and was filled with great views. A few minutes of small talk later and I was headed back onto my routine for the day (because if I’m honest new things make me hesitate at first).

One minute late something stopped me. Whether it was the Holy Spirit, or the threatening chicken just ahead, I’m not so sure, but something made me turn around. Turn around and do something different…and a little bit outside of my comfort zone.

I was SO blessed.

14976260_10211416378269389_1723835645_oThose hard steps became a worship to the Creator of my body. The dreaded and just get this over with attitude changed into an experience I didn’t want to end. My thoughts turned into prayers, my heart became filled with love, and my morning became a glimpse of how Jesus desires to pursue His children (yes, endorphins could have played a part as well).

I laughed with a woman as I showed my white girl fear of two goats (I’m still sure they were ready to charge), I was completely in love as I ran on dirt roads with a mountain view, and my desire to pursue God was renewed.

So maybe today it could be a small decision to turn left on a run instead of right. Or to not avoid that small conversation with a neighbor. Or even just to pray for someone that is hard to love. All I know is that those small decisions…those can change our hearts…those can make us feel nervous and uncomfortable…those can bring amazing experiences…those can bring glory to God.

Sarah Quigg graduated from Liberty University in 2015 with a B.S. in Special Education. She loves running and growing closer to God while exploring His creation! We are so happy to have her on the team, teaching 5th grade. This is her second year at the Manantial School in Mexico.