Meet Lamuel

As you have probably heard, GEM recently started a partnership with Hali Public School in Multan, Pakistan! GEM has committed to supporting 30 orphans and underprivileged students at HPS, for one year, who are not able to pay for their education and their supplies. Many of these students are overlooked by the government and have no opportunity to get an education.

Lamuel Sadiq, a Pakistani Christian in Multan, is currently the Director of the Hali Public School. We are thrilled to be working with our brother in Pakistan. We wanted to provide you with a brief introduction from Lamuel so our supporters can get to know the leaders that we hope to assist in Pakistan! Here is a short introduction from Lamuel himself:

“Growing up,  life was not a Christian way of living rather than that my father was a Pastor and teacher. He would always teach us to come to Jesus but I never truly came to know Jesus during that time. But one day, on June, 10th 2006 I was at some training program in my father’s Church and a man of God from South Africa was teaching from John 3:16 – and that was the turning point of my Christian life. His words touched my heart in such a way that the Lord Jesus directly spoke to me, and in my prayer, he showed me the vision of serving in the education sector.

My grandfather was not Christian. They belonged to a Hindu family, and my father was the first person that accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. That was the turning point of my father’s life and how my family became a Christian family in Pakistan.

I am a married man and God has blessed me with a beautiful family. I am serving in the education sector, and I am serving as the director of our school in Multan. I also run a Sunday school ministry for the kids. I am so blessed to serve these children through education”.


Lamuel Sadiq faithfully serves in Multan, Pakistan as the director of the Hali Public School. GEM has committed to supporting 30 orphans over the next school year (2017-2018). We cannot support this school without your help! If you’d like to learn more or make a donation to our Pakistan project, please click here