Our History

In 2007, after teaching middle and high school students in a remote village in western Alaska for 5 years, Casey Herring felt the Lord leading him into full time ministry. Casey had always had a passion for people, cultures, and education, but as he continued to draw into a closer relationship with God, he began to understand how God desired to use these interests as a way to serve Him in international missions. In 2008 Casey moved overseas and begin ministering and teaching at Brasilia International School. While serving in Brazil, Casey met Meg Casciere and they quickly fell in love and got married. God brought Casey and Meg together and ignited a passion for serving others through educational ministry.

The Vision

The vision for Global Education Ministries was born in October of 2010 when God pressed upon the hearts of Casey and Meg His desire for them to open a school in Mexico and use education as a tool for sharing the gospel. After more than two years of prayer and work, GEM opened its first school in August 2013, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Casey and Meg moved to Puerto Escondido and continue to serve at the school.