Support Our School, Reach Our
Community, Impact The World


General Donation

We are extremely grateful for your support! Your love and generosity gives us the chance to start and run schools that provide quality education to the families who may not have access to good schools. Most importantly, your giving also allows the spread of the gospel through GEM schools to students, their families, and the community. Your donation will be used to directly support the students at Centro Educativo El Manantial.


Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship of a child is a special way for you to become personally involved with the work of GEM by connecting with a student at Centro Educativo El Manantial. As a sponsor you will be partnering with a family in Puerto Escondido and make it possible for their child to receive a quality education. Your monthly gift will be used to pay for 2/3 of the tuition of your sponsored child. Your support has the power to change lives and families. You are personally helping to break barriers to a quality education, you are helping break the cycle of poverty, and you are enabling the gospel to go forth. Have additional questions about sponsorship? Check out our sponsorship FAQ page.


Support a Missionary

GEM is blessed to have such amazing missionary teachers who are called by God to leave home and serve cross-culturally in a classroom. All GEM missionary teachers are volunteers at GEM schools and are dependent upon the Lord and the support of family, friends, and churches to receive the funds they need for daily living. Your donation to a missionary serving with GEM will be used to support their personal ministry and the spread of the gospel.