Centro Educativo el Manantial

Snapshot of CEM

Centro Educativo el Manantial (CEM) was opened as GEM’s first school in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in August of 2013. From its opening day, CEM has stood apart as the only PreK- 8th grade full English immersion Christian elementary school in Puerto Escondido. CEM is also uniquely designed to be a blessing the community of Puerto Escondido by offering affordable and accessible quality education to middle and lower-income families. All foreign missionary teachers at CEM have raised their own support, and have answered the call of God to move to Puerto Escondido and serve in the classrooms. In addition to teaching core subjects, teachers demonstrate the love of Jesus, weave the truth of the gospel into everyday lessons and interactions, and build relationships with students and their families in hopes of sharing the gospel with them. God has blessed CEM and is using the school to glorify Himself.

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