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Relationship with Christ

Are you a born again Christian?


What does “being a Christian” mean to you? Explain.


Please provide some information about when you became a Christian.


What do you believe the role of the Holy Spirit is in the life of a believer?


Would you describe yourself as “charismatic”? If so, please explain.


What authority do the Scriptures have in your life?


View on Missions and the Church

What is a missionary?


How have you been engaged in missions in your current setting?


Why do you feel called to overseas missions


What is your “home” church?


Are you an active member of your church?


Please explain how you serve in your church.


More About You…

What are your interests and hobbies?


How would you describe your personality?


Describe ways in which you’ve shown flexibility and cooperation when working with a team?


Are you introverted or extroverted? Explain what this means to you?


Describe a time when you’ve demonstrated real grit in accomplishing a goal.


Professional Qualifications and Experience

Educational background


 High School

City, State

Years Attended



Degree Earned

Major (s)

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Do you hold any professional licenses?


Have you completed any coursework in Christian education?


Work Experience


Description of Responsibilities

Dates: From/To

Reason for Leaving

Supervisor name

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[employer__2] [responsibilities__2] [date-from__2]- [date-to__2] [reason-leaving__2] [supervisor-name__2]


Do you hold any memberships to professional organizations(yes/no)? List and explain.


Have you ever abandoned a contract before the agreed upon term? (yes/no) explain if yes.






Home Number

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