What We Do

GEM exists to plant the gospel in the hearts of children
and their families, all over the world, through quality education.

What Makes GEM Schools Different

GEM schools all created to be special places where local communities are able to access quality education, where the gospel saturates everything we do, and where the local church is strengthened and grown.

We know there are many Christian school ministries our there, but we believe our schools are truly unique. Check out our GEM school Distinctives to see how!


How It All Started

The vision for Global Education Ministries was born in October of 2010 when God pressed upon the hearts of Casey and Meg His desire for them to open a school in Mexico and use education as a tool for sharing the gospel. After more than two years of prayer and work, GEM opened its first school in August 2013, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


Who We Are

Want More?

Still want to know more about GEM? Check out our blog updated weekly with posts written by our missionaries and staff!