GEM School Distinctives


We believe all GEM schools should be affordable to everyone in the community. GEM schools are private schools with tuition rates that are affordable for all families. Within each community, families are given the opportunity to become part of the school regardless of their economic status. Our goal is to ensure GEM schools remain schools with high-quality education that is affordable to all children and their families.


We believe all GEM schools should be open and accessible to Christian and non-Christian families. Unlike many Christian schools that tend to focus on discipleship of Christian students, GEM schools are designed to be outreach ministries to bring the gospel to students and their families who do not know Jesus. They remain accessible to Christians and non-Christians alike for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel to everyone who attends and evangelizing the lost.


We believe that it's not enough just to offer a bible class and teach with Christian material. Our aim is for all GEM schools to be completely saturated in the gospel. Our schools are designed to incorporate the gospel naturally into every aspect of schooling through gospel woven instruction, gospel centered discipline, gospel motivated relationships, and gospel examples. In order to create this gospel-saturated environment, all GEM teachers are carefully selected from missionaries whose most important calling is to be ministers of the gospel. Through their classes and course content, teachers will be able to effectively share the truth of the Gospel and exemplify the love of Christ to their students.