A Life of Questions

“So, I want everyone to return to your desks. Please complete the 10 math problems on the board, and if you finish early use the dice to create 5 more. If you don’t finish before lunch, it will be for homework.”

“How many problems do we have to finish?”

“What happens if I don’t finish?”

“Can I read if I finish early?”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

Life as a teacher is filled with joy. I truly love spending my time with children who teach me to think, to love others, and even how to just enjoy the simple things in life. And if anyone has experienced a similar situation as the one above, you are fully aware that children ask an abundant amount of questions. Some days I feel as though I spend 2 minutes giving instructions and then 10 minutes explaining what I just said. As I feel my blood starting that familiar simmering feeling, I take a deep breath and remember the Israelites.

The Israelites, God’s chosen people, are a classic example of why David refers to us as sheep. Dumb, directionless sheep. These people had just been rescued out of slavery, by watching God smite the Egyptians with 10 ferocious plagues, WALKED across the Red Sea, and been fed with Manna, when they turned from God and worshiped idols. Not just one time. Over and over again they went through this frustrating cycle of sin. In my flesh and pride, I read those Old Testament stories and wonder how could they not trust God after all He did for them. How could they question His faithfulness? How could they keep sinning after being constantly enslaved and rescued by God? Then I hear that small quiet voice.

Sarah Quigg, you are an Israelite. We are all Israelites. God shows His power. He rescues us time and time again. He pulls us out of pits and away from danger and destruction. Even when He knows we will soon need to be rescued again.

And so, as the simmer is beginning to boil I think, I am an Israelite, and I answer each question…again.

Sarah Quigg, GEM teacher